Paper Submission Rules

The paper should be submitted to:

Paper will be entered into the reviewing process, only if the following conditions are satisfied:

If the paper is accepted (after one or more iterations of improvements), it will be forwarded into the publication process, only if the following conditions are satisfied:

Authors remain to be the copyright owners after the papers are published because IPSI does not require the copyright ownership to be passed to it.

When submitting your paper, please label it as follows:

Transactions on Internet Research is for research directly related to the Internet:

Transactions on Advanced Research is for research indirectly related to the Internet and for the Multidisciplinary/Interdisciplinary research related to the Internet:

If none of the above labels fits, make your own one, explain it, and use it when submitting your paper.

Paper Publication Fees

The publication fee is 1,000 Euros.

It can be reduced upon a request sent to the Board explaining the reasons for that action.

The fee can be waived for one article where the Guest-Editor is the first author.