Paper Layout Template

Papers are not published immediatelly.
We have back log, but letter with publication date can be provided
(any exceptions can be made, but only upon Board decision).

Only Special Issues Considered

We accept only Special Issues - no individual submissions!

Suggestions for Guest Editors:


Please, have your research articles organised as indicated in (Milutinović 1996):

Milutinovic V. The best method for presentation of research results. IEEE TCCA Newsl. 1996;(9):1–6.

This means:

a. Problem Statement
(and why is the problem growing over time)
b. Existing Solutions
(and what you criticise about them from the chosen viewpoint)
c. Proposed solution
(and why is it supposed to perform better)
d. Rigorous Analysis
(showing yours is better, for how much, and under what conditions)


Please, make sure that each article labels its major contribution
with one or more of the 10 creativity-inducing methods
from the paper (Blagojević et al. 2017).

Blagojević V, Bojić D, Bojović M, Cvetanović M, Đorđević J, Đurđević Đ, et al.
A Systematic Approach to Generation of New Ideas for PhD Research in Computing.
In: Hurson AR, Milutinović V, editors. Creativity in Computing and DataFlow SuperComputing [Internet].
Elsevier; 2017. p. 1–31. (Advances in Computers; vol. 104). Available from:


You are free to select your focus as you wish,
but we like to see in it the elements
that synergize hardware and software
for the best benefit of the applications in your chosen focus,
as in (Babovic2023):

Babovic, Z., et al, "Research in computing-intensive simulations
for nature-oriented civil-engineering and related scientific fields,
using machine learning and big data: an overview of open problems",
Springer Journal of Big Data, 2023.


We expect each article that the Guest Editor selects to be refereed
according to (Banković et al. 2020):

Banković M, Filipović V, Graovac J, Hadži-Purić J, Hurson AR, Kartelj A, et al.
Teaching graduate students how to review research articles and respond to reviewer comments.
In: Hurson AR, Milutinović V, editors. Elsevier; 2020. p. 1–63. (Advances in Computers; vol. 116). Available from:
After you deliver three reviews in your organization,
we will do one more review using the same methodology!


We have broad experience in organizing conferences.
Our plan is to continue organizing conferences from 2024,
where papers would be presented.

Paper templates

You can download the MS Word template, LaTeX template and an article example here.
For additional details, send the same two e-mails to

Papers should be sent in .docx/.tex and .pdf file formats.

Please do not include page numbers,
since they will be generated while forming the journal,
but keep space clean at the bottom, at the middle of each page.

For an example of a journal, please click here.