Journal: IPSI Transactions on Internet Research

Collecting Code Coverage from UI Testing

Authors: Filip Gurbal and Jaroslav Poruban

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When testers design test cases based only on specification, they can introduce significant redundancies into them and also create gaps of untested software. More insight into the impact of test cases on implementation can guide testers to design more effective test cases to cover implementation and prevent redundancies to save time. In this paper we describe challenges of UI tester and how we can help them using coverage analysis of UI source code. We prepared infrastructure to automatically collect code coverage data from UI testing for further analysis


code coverage, manual testing, UI testing

Published in: IPSI Transaction on Internet Research (Volume: 19, Issue: 1)
Publisher: IPSI, Belgrade

Date of Publication: January 1, 2023

Open Access: CC-BY-NC-ND
DOI: 10.58245/ipsi.tir.2301.09

Pages: 55 - 58

ISSN: 1820 - 4503


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Filip Gurbal

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Technical University of Košice, Košice, Slovakia. E-mail:; Orcid ID: 0000-0001-7691-9273


Jaroslav Poruban

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Technical University of Košice, Košice, Slovakia. E-mail:; Orcid ID: 0000-0001-9706-2897


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