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"Working from Home and Socio-Psychological Effects of the Internet Use"
"New Developments in Digital Libraries"
Mirjana Radović-Marković and Hermann Maurer

Abstract part 1 - Mirjana Radović-Marković: Working from home has realized significant economic benefits, but also psychological, and social limitations. The six papers discuss this topic.

Abstract part 2 - Hermann Maurer: The three papers in the section on digital libraries have one common thread: It is clear that more and more printed books and brochures are also made available as electronic versions in some multi-media format, maybe even at some stage replacing printed material; it is also clear that the possibility to just read material will be greatly enhanced by allowing users to also interact with the material: by adding valuable information, by pointing to related documents, by asking questions, by interacting with other users or even the originators of documents..

Published in: IPSI Bgd TIR (Volume: 18)
Number: 2
ISSN: 1820 - 4503

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