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PV Solar Energy Supply in Smart Cities
Katić, Vladimir

Abstract: The application of solar energy and other renewable energy sources (wind, hydro, etc.) enables the connection of low-power electrical energy generation units to the grid. This new concept called distributed energy generation, provides opportunities to separate parts of existing distribution networks into smaller units, i.e., microgrids, which can be self-sufficient and sustainable for shorter or longer periods. In a smart grid environment, efficient usage of energy and better consumer energy supply is possible, especially in cases of failures in the main grid. This paper presents a method for the assessment of possible rooftop PV system power capacity in a smart city. Special attention will be paid to the generation units coming from renewable energy (solar) and the possibility of supplying existing loads. As a case study, the results of a hypothetical project on the possibility of PV solar energy application for the electricity supply in some cities in Serbia are presented.

Keywords: mart City, PV Roof-Top Systems, PV supply

Published in: IPSI Bgd TIR (Volume: 18)
Number: 1
ISSN: 1820 - 4503

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