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Editorial - Computational Modeling and Machine Learning in Biomedical and Engineering Application
Gyula Mester and Nenad Filipović

Abstract part 1 - Gyula Mester: The first five papers in this Special issue concentrate on creative research of senior researchers and are done in three different research environments. These three environments come from three different countries, Ecuador, Hungary, and Serbia.

Abstract part 2 - Nenad Filipović: The second five papers in this Special issue are oriented toward computational modeling and machine learning in biomedical engineering applications. Starting from computational modeling for stent mechanical testing and deployment through different machine learning algorithms for segmentation and plaque characterization of the carotid artery and finally very specific modeling of the lumbar spine for the driver during vibrations of the driving, this Special issue gives practical solutions for various problems in biomedical engineering application.

Keywords: research, computing, machine learning

Published in: IPSI Bgd TIR (Volume: 18)
Number: 1
ISSN: 1820 - 4503

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